Monday, 31 October 2016

A grand day out

A few weeks ago we went out for a Grand Day Out!

On the 27th September 1066, William the Conqueror set sail from St Valery sur Somme for England. So we decided in this anniversary year that we should go and have a look! We collected some friends and meandered along the Canche valley to start with, then on to the Baie de Somme and the little town of St Valery.  What a beautiful place!

 It's fairly obvious that the town has spread from what it was in the 11th Century, but there is still a core at the top of the hill that is original.

Cobbled streets lead up to the "William Tower" which is also where Joan of Ark was held prisoner in the 15th Century (according to a plaque on the wall.) not sure whether it was one night or longer....

The Baie itself is beautiful, an absolute haven for wildlife, you can walk across to Le Crotoy on the opposite bank when the tide is out - we took the train, a story for another day!

 This picture speaks for itself - it's in the spot (supposedly) where the boats set sail from, now in the middle of the walkway with a road on either side. I suppose with 1000 years having passed the course of the river will have changed.....

I've been meaning to reproduce the colours of the Bayeux Tapestry for many years and so in tribute to the anniversary they were launched in August. Madder, Weld and Woad have given a really lovely range of colours, alum and iron were the only additions.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Coming back to here!

It's been a long time since I came here - the intention was to combine a new website and blog, but as yet this hasn't happened.

Soooo much HAS happened since I last came here, so I'm just going to start afresh as it were.

Should the website get sorted then I will use the blog there to talk about work things and I'll keep this one for research and interesting things related to natural dyeing and textiles.

Onwards to the future of a naturally coloured world!

Monday, 1 December 2014

An Update

This summer has I think been the busiest we have ever had - certainly travelled the most and we've spent quite a bit of time at our UK base. Internet access there is not good! Hence a distinct lack of keeping up with posts. Facebook is a little easier as I could take a photo and post to the page, so that's what I have tended to do. It is actually quite difficult to keep up with all the different social media places we can post and also to know which is the best to maintain.

It is also time for a change - the website is very old and clunky and I can't add in pictures anymore, so I'm thinking of trying to design a new one over the winter, I have no real experience of this so it will be a real learning curve. Logic says I should also try and combine the website and blog together, so I may have to start afresh as they say. Until then I will try and get back to writing here!

We are now having to go for a walk every day. John had a heart attack 3 weeks ago, he's come through fine, but obviously he has to excercise and think about what he eats so we are having to look at changing a few things. At the start of the year I had an idea of walking and photographing the seasonal changes and then using the pictures as inspiration. Hopefully a bit late I will be able to do this!

Afternoon Tea has become a big feature of our life - it isn't every day (it can't be as we have 2 starvey days a week) but we try to have tea and cakes at all the markets and also when we are doing demonstrations. At home they are also important - watch out for the stock that is always in the picture, YOU may be inspired!

Looking forward to getting back to putting thoughts and experiences down here.......