Thursday, 14 May 2009

Colours in nature

Colour is getting to me this Spring. I don't know why this year in particular, but I seem to be noticing the way colours are reflected off the landscape and wild flowers, my attention is constantly being diverted.

When we went to Llanberis I was really drawn to the scars in the rock face where they are quarrying the slate. The contrasts between the fawns and greens of the moorland and the grey slashes, then the bright yellow of the gorse, I'm finding really absorbing. It is making me want to go into the dyehouse and start trying to reproduce these colours and contrasts on my yarns.

Looking at this lump of slate (it was like a standing stone just outside the museum) the weathering has created so many different veins of colour from almost white to yellows and rusty browns as well as the many shades of grey!

Normally when working with the natural dyes I am producing replica colours for different periods of history - so modern fashion trends have never featured in my choice of colours. (I do wonder sometimes whether I should go and check out what the "next season's colours" will be from the fashion designers, but theirs and mine are never going to look the same - well not until I've got them all convinced that thay don't want to be using anything but my dyed cloth!! - so it becomes a bit irrelevant.) I guess I'm going to be going my own way as normal this year - but it all might be a bit different, I don't mean all dull and muted so much as different contrasts and unusual mixes!

My friend Helen produces the most fantastic felted pictures using naturally dyed fibres, my favorites are always her waterfalls - there is so much motion in them and definition, so here's a new idea! I'm calling it slatefall!

I love the stillness of the rock as opposed to the wild crashing of water, which is my usual choice, but there is still a movement there!


Helen said...

Hmm Yes lovely pictures. I love the patterns in the rock.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to read the article in inside crochet and discover your blog and website. Looking forward to learning more as I'm just starting out into the worldof natural dyeing.

Willington Weaver said...

Hi Deb

with regard to Seasonal Trends and natural dyes, you'd be surprised how some of the trends lend themselves to natural colours beautifully. I find myself looking at the colours and fabrics with my natural dyer/weaver's hat on. Can the fabrics be transferred to natural fibre biased yarns? Can the colours be replicated in natural dyes? I'm very often pleased to see that "yes" there is always at least one trend that will transfer into the fabrics and colours I like to produce.

BTW I've nominated you for a Bella Award. See the following link:

Best wishes