Friday, 11 June 2010

Organic Cotton Boucle Yarn

Although I am probably one of the longest established commercial natural dyers, certainly in the UK (I started producing handspun, naturally dyed embroidery silks for reenactors back in the early '90's) I am really conscious that my yarns aren't well known or on my website properly. This stems from the fact that I don't know how to photo them and show them to their best advantage, also the colours will show up differently on everyone's screens and I don't want people to be disappointed when they get a colour that wasn't what they thought it would be. (well it's the computer manipulation I have a problem with, not the taking the picture!)

Unless you've seen our stall you won't know what our yarns are like!

So to try and introduce the different yarns to a wider audience we have decided to do a seasonal giveaway! On the 21st of June, September, December and March (the old start to the next season) we will be doing a draw for someone to win a quantity of one of our yarns.

If you follow us on Facebook then your name will be put into a hat (I have many from different periods!) to win whichever is the choice of yarn for that season. (Should you prefer NOT to be entered into the draw then please send me an email and I will take you out!)

So - for the Summer Giveaway we are choosing a cool yarn - 500g of

Organic Cotton Boucle from our Morus Organic range.

The yarn itself is organic cotton from Peru, the processing is organically certified, the dyes used are either organically certified or approved by GOTS, it's just the dyer who won't go through the hoops required (well actually I have higher standards and environmental issues with organic status!) The price per 100g hank is £15 so that's £75 worth of yarn I'm giving away for the first season!

The recommended needle sizes for this yarn are 4.5mm - 5.5mm with a tension square of 14 stitches and 24 rows to 10cm over stocking stitch. For suggested reading try the Wandering Spirits pattern book by Jean Moss.

The winner will be notified through the facebook page and can either choose to have the yarn commsission dyed (a colour within reason please!) or select a colour that is currently available from stock. As we are attending Woolfest at the end of June then should the winner choose to select from stock they can make a personal choice from there if appropriate.

We hope you will approve of this method of introducing our yarns and over the next month or so we hope to have an Etsy shop up and running, specifically for the yarns!


Bettina said...

I can tell you that your idea worked! I hadn't heard of you but saw your post on Ravelry, skipped over to your blog, saw you'll be at Woolfest and am already making plans to come by your stall, as out LYS has a group of people coming (so I will drag a whole coachload of 40 people to look at your yarn!)
Have bookmarked you now and am hopping over to facebook to enter your giveaway xx

sarah said...

I don't do Facebook, but I do know you exist and I do love your dyed yarn (I've bought from you at reenactment events, too). But I've been sucked into the black hole that is spinning... alas, I've never caught any dyed fibre in your shop :-(

FeltersJourney said...

Your yarns are lovely Deb. I know what you mean though, its so hard to do justice with photos, especially regarding colour.

Im not sure if Im following you on FB... I `like` you, but cant seem to find `follow`. Can you tell I dont spend much time on FB? lol :o)

Debbie said...

Bettina - welcome along, I look forward to meeting you at Woolfest! Sarah you've already made us think, so maybe the giveaway should include followers of the blog as well as FB - to make it fairer, and even Ravelry followers? Obviously if you do more than 1 it can't double or triple the chances - but! I sorry you've never seen dyed fibres - I've been doing those since I started, mainly in tops form now, but also have carded batts (when I have time to card!) and silk caps.

Joanna said...

I'm glad I know about you, and glad I'm following and in with a chance to win!

Knitsister said...

Sadly I don't do facebook, but I know your yarns and can't wait for your Etsy shop to be up.
Will I ever see you again? Off to France with 'the girls' on Sunday.
Just done WWKIP day in Leeds...not as nice as Llangollen last year.
Hi to John and see you soon...I hope
Love Heike x

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