Friday, 31 December 2010


I'm hoping that everyone had a happy and peaceful, Christmas, ours was lovely spent with friends in Brussels. I have to say to residents of the UK if you think that the British way of dealing with snow is bad - try going to Brussels, they do NOTHING that I could see! No snow ploughs, no gritters, not a thing done to clear away the snow, it was left to the individuals to clear the path in front of their house and that was it! The roads were solid ice or snow and treacherous - no one was actually having problems though, buses were running but not brilliant, all the trams were running and cars were getting about (well maybe I should say sliding.....)

One of the things I am really aware of is that I never do anything with my yarns - I hate knitting, love crochetting, but haven't a clue how to write a pattern. How do you sell the yarns if there is nothing there for people to see? So I decided when I got back that I would do some designing!

A pair of mittens in Delice - the new 50% silk and 50% baby alpaca yarn, (dyed in pomegranate, cutch and madder extract exhausts, the colour is far more yellow than you would imagine from these dyes, but that's what went into the pan!) it's so lush and warm, these are perfect to keep your hands warm and not a bit "scratchy"!

 I have obviously made them to fit me - fairly large hands but particularly long! Both mittens can be made from 1 50g hank of yarn. Of course the biggest challenge is yet to come - how do I write up the pattern?

If anyone would be prepared to be a tester for me please email and I'll send it out with a hank of the yarn -so far I have made "long hand" notes to tell myself what to do, but putting that into a readable pattern you can follow will be interesting!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year, speak to you all in 2011!


Ladka said...

I'd love to be a tester. My hand is shortish and broad, otherwise medium size. When I buy gloves the fingers tend to be a bit narrow and long.

Willington Weaver said...

Deb, these are lovely. I love crochet.

Happy New Year


Helen said...

Hi they are really nice Debbie and show off your yarn too.

jane d said...

They are fab, Deb - if only I knew how to start working out a pattern!

Knitsister said...

Indeed...lovely! Shawl with same yarn nearly finished and looking go.....s.
Happy new year to you
Love heike x

The Sempster said...

How is the pattern getting along? I'd love to be a tester, and could modify the pattern if it is too big for my hand. Luckily the mittens have no fingers, that would be the biggest problem (mine are short and stumpy...)

Unknown said...

Hello Deb! I love your yarn and your blog, I currently have a skein. I would love to KNIT some gloves, I don't crochet. Is there a knit version to test?