Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Having a chemical breakfast

Considering it's January there is a bit of excitement in the air! This morning I am linking up over skype with two friends to have a "chemical breakfast" It is 100 years ago today that Marie Curie won her nobel prize for chemistry. Women all around the world - well in 37 countries to be more precise are getting to gether and linking up to have a chemical moment in time. Australia has already kicked off and Indonesia.

Meetings are happening with networking sessions and discussions. Many people are using twitter to let others know what is happening. Prestatyn High School were linked up and the OU as well as a group in Prague - look up #IYC2011 or #chemhandshake to get an idea!

This is part of the International Year of Chemistry which is officially opened on the 28th January in Paris. I'm hoping to be running some workshops during the year for schools in support of this - I'll keep you posted!

Radio 4's Women's Hour is also doing a feature http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/bbc_radio_fourfm

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Helen said...

Oh wow Debbie I didn't know anything about this. Hope you had a good time-it all sounds very interesting and the discussion on Marie Curie on radio 4 was good.