Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

I've just been out for a wild windy walk , just our village area not far, but I was inspired by the scenery around me and thought I'd share my thoughts here!

Our house in France is in a very rural setting, the village is straight ahead of us but in all other directions is farmland, much of it is agricultural, huge great fields that over the year carry a range of crops.

I thought it might be interesting to follow the fields and locality through the year see the different crops and changing colours and allow this inspiration to influence the colours and shapes of my work. 
I would like to re- visit embroidery which I haven't had time to do for many years so the designs for this will come from these images too!
To the best of my ability I will show a monthly update of how these images change, lets see what transpires through the seasons of 2014!


Ladka said...

These updates should be interesting and inspiring. I'm looking forward to them!

Margreet said...

Happy New Year to you Deb.
Interesting project for this year. Looking forward to reading about it, missed your postings. Hope to meet up again sometime this year.