Monday, 1 December 2014

An Update

This summer has I think been the busiest we have ever had - certainly travelled the most and we've spent quite a bit of time at our UK base. Internet access there is not good! Hence a distinct lack of keeping up with posts. Facebook is a little easier as I could take a photo and post to the page, so that's what I have tended to do. It is actually quite difficult to keep up with all the different social media places we can post and also to know which is the best to maintain.

It is also time for a change - the website is very old and clunky and I can't add in pictures anymore, so I'm thinking of trying to design a new one over the winter, I have no real experience of this so it will be a real learning curve. Logic says I should also try and combine the website and blog together, so I may have to start afresh as they say. Until then I will try and get back to writing here!

We are now having to go for a walk every day. John had a heart attack 3 weeks ago, he's come through fine, but obviously he has to excercise and think about what he eats so we are having to look at changing a few things. At the start of the year I had an idea of walking and photographing the seasonal changes and then using the pictures as inspiration. Hopefully a bit late I will be able to do this!

Afternoon Tea has become a big feature of our life - it isn't every day (it can't be as we have 2 starvey days a week) but we try to have tea and cakes at all the markets and also when we are doing demonstrations. At home they are also important - watch out for the stock that is always in the picture, YOU may be inspired!

Looking forward to getting back to putting thoughts and experiences down here.......


Freyalyn said...

Oh my goodness, what a shock to hear about John - please pass on our regards and hopes for the full recovery to continue.

That was a lovely cup of tea I had with you both at Woolfest.

FeltersJourney said...

Oh Deb.. Wishing John a speedy and complete recovery!

Good luck with the blog & website redisign, I hate doing those sort of things - hope it is relatively stress free and easy for you.

Marytheknit said...

Oh dear Deb. Hope you can keep up the walking, my OH won't do any of his exercises at all! I can't remember the last time I went out just for a walk.