Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A new Dyehouse!

The big news today is - my new dyehouse arrived!!!

This was the lorry just backing in!! I am so excited! Problem is I don't know when I'll have it erected - or where! As you can see it's a flatpack dyehouse, when we started unloading we realized not only is it flatpack it's a jigsaw puzzle as well - there are no instructions!

There are now piles of wood all over the yard waiting to be moved under cover - and of course the weather has changed tonight and it's raining outside! John was looking on the internet a few weeks ago and spotted these wonderful wooden buildings, as we need to be able to dye cloth using the historical methods we've developed here, it was decided that one of these would be perfect to help us in our house hunting!

It is being stored under the hay bay for now......................

Maybe I should explain a little! We have reached the point where we realize that N Wales is a long way from anywhere, added to that we rent our property so can't make it "ours" which affects lots of aspects of what we do. We have actually been house hunting for about 12 months and driving our friends mad with indecision, but we know that we now have to do something positive!

Of course we haven't yet reached a decision, because we have to agree on where we want to live and what type of property we want and it has to fit into our price bracket and ......... no wonder everyone is frustrated with us!!!

For now I'll just dream of when I can start my dyeing in my own place and tomorrow I'll go back into the dyehouse I have and start preparing for the month long workshop I'm doing in April!

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Willington Weaver said...

I really commiserate with you. I have to do any dyeing in my kitchen, not a good idea!
We've been looking for somewhere of our own for the last 5 years. We had a "window of opportunity" as the Americans would say 4 years ago and couldn't find anything, so had to put things on hold while Hannah did GCSE's and now A levels. We're counting down the months to June 2010!

Good luck with the hunt!