Monday, 9 March 2009

I can tell this is going to be hard for me to keep up with - but I really want to make it work, so bear with me!!!

We went to the Kent Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers for the weekend of the month change - it was a lovely weekend, and we were made so welcome! I dressed in Medieval kit on the Saturday and did a talk on the life oand clothes of the Medieval Dyer, then on the Sunday we went modern an ran a workshop on dyeing with extract dyes. Everyone went home with lots of colour samples and very happy! I wish I had time to take photos when doing workshops - it's so great to see what everyone produces, especially when working with the same basic material - everyone is different!!

Last week was a whirl of getting stock dyed for the big market coming up this weekend and getting ready for working in Castleford. I was doing calligraphy for the first time as a demonstration so had to do some research and get things ready! It all went well thank goodness - again no pictures, maybe I'll be able to find some on the Wakefield website at some point!

Now it's seriously getting into the market time - have dyed lots and lots of linen yarn and beautiful embroidery wools, I'm really pleased with the mix of colours I've achieved. I have some particularly good greens, a relief as it's such a popular colour! I must go and take some photos! Helen wants some photos of greens as well, so I have to!

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