Thursday, 26 February 2009


Missed a few days already - and I will be away from tomorrow til Sunday, so I'll miss a few more, but I'm here now!!!
The weather has been reasonable over the past few days, so we decided it was time to take Vixy out for a spin, this I suppose would be what is considered our hobby now - we're a bit petrol-heady!!!

This is Vixy - isn't she pretty? She's a Vauxhall VX220 turbo, great fun!!! We went up to the Horseshoe Pass and into Llangollen, then back home along the A5 and across the moors. I tried to take some photos as we were travelling :

This was Valle Crusis Abbey as we wizzed by!!!!

Since then I've been busy in the dye house, getting ready for the workshop I'm running this weekend down at Kent Guild of WSD - we're doing the extract dyes, which should be great fun, I've been getting some really intense colours from immersion dyeing with the extracts - I've always found them a bit insipid in the past, but the colours over the last couple of days have been fabulous. I'll post a picture when I get back!

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