Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Dye Club

I'm very excited today! I have been planning The Dye Club since before Christmas - trying to work out how to do it, what's the best things to go in it, how to arrange the lessons as it were, and today I've started to make it public! I've put a section on the online shop (hmm that looks bad - note to self, learn how to do links properly!) What I need to do is go and take some photos - but what do I take a photo of, and then how do I make the picture a useable size? I had though of some fibres with some natural dyes spread around - but it seems a bit twee somehow!I wish I wasn't such a technophobe!!!! Oh and I'm putting it here and I might even put it on Ravelry!

Talking about photos I am going to go out in the morning and take some of the snowdrops around the house - there are so many it's like walking on a white carpet! They're just right at the moment - will start to turn very soon!

I haven't managed to get into the dyehouse yet - but John has been and cut out a medieval overgown ready for me to sew. It's a pure wool cloth (from Whaley's) dyed with Madder. Think I'll line it with undyed linen - mainly because it's a heavy weight cloth so it needs a lightweight lining! There is a link you have to go through the dyehouse and upstairs to get to the workroom! The madder on this piece of cloth is very orange - I used the exhaust from some red pieces I'd done, there is always lots of colour left, it just might not react in the way you want it to!

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