Thursday, 19 February 2009


The garden is full of snowdrops! They're everywhere! This is the view of them under the apple trees - aren't they lovely?

I always think they bring lightness and cheer to the gloomy wintertime when they are out.

My aunt tells this story about my father - it was really snowy and icy the day she was born in early February. My father came home from school for his lunch and Grannie said he could go out to play but he mustn't go onto the frozen pond - he did and of course fell in!! Grannie went to the rescue, dried him off and sent him back to school with a flea in his ear - and then produced my Aunt about 20 minutes later! The neighbour who came to help brought snowdrops in for Grannie, so every year on her birthday my Aunt was given snowdrops by her mother.

Sadly she has no snowdrops growing round her house so when I saw her on her birthday I promised to send some photos!

I had to include this photo because Blarty is in it - he's my 10 year old Wensleydale/ Welsh cross. I use his fleece for naturally dyed colour samples and just to fill my basket with lusciousness! Surprisingly there are no birds at the feeders - they are so tame now that they normally just queue on the fence waiting for me to finish!
I have had a not very productive day although I did get out to collect lots of lovely sock wool for the first month of the Dye Club and managed to clear up the dyehouse a little!

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