Thursday, 16 April 2009

Easter Weekend

It seems ages since we actually got home from Llancaiach Fawr, it's really only 2 days, but I came home with a lurgy and it's knocked me for six as the saying goes! I guess you could say it's our own fault for going away and camping over the Easter weekend, but we were together with the rest of Sir John Myddleton's Companie - Medieval Merchants!

This was our tent - and my workstation, I was doing the cooking - not my normal role, I am usually a medieval dyer, but as no one else was able to cook I said I'd take it on!! Huh didn't realize quite how hard it is being responsible for a fire and keeping it at the correct temperature to boil water!!! Never again!!! Well til the next time I suppose!

The weather was it's usual self for a Bank Holiday weekend, glorious sunshine during the day, freezing cold at night (colder than I've camped in before, my nose was so cold in the middle of the night!!!!!) The two photos were taken at about 8am on the Sunday morning - you can just see the frost still on the ground, but vanishing in the beautiful sunlight! The ultimate was the rain when we were packing the tents away - and the sun came out when we got in the car to drive away!

John was being a pinner over the weekend, he always attracts an audience and the pins and needles that he makes are fantastic, handmade from brass he work hardens the ends and files them to a very fine point and then either puts a 2 turn pinhead on or carefully makes an eye so that there is no burring. Unbeatable!

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