Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Spinning Again!

Today has been a really fun day!

Trefriw Woolen Mills are having an Artisan's Market in December (first weekend) and I have been invited to have a stall there. Today was the photo shoot of products to make up posters and flyers for the event (Christmas will be coming very soon at this rate!) so Helen Melvin and I drove down with various items from our stock to make them famous! Anne Campbell works there on a Tuesday demonstrating spinning in the weavers cottage, so we took our wheels with us, just in case there was time for us to join in!

Many moons ago Anne taught me to spin so it was a delight to be able to sit down with her and spin away and natter, just like we used to when she ran Wern Mill and gave spinning lessons. In fact I think we totally lost track of time - Helen was told that she was an hour and a half late when she got home and John said to me " I know you said you'd be out all afternoon but I didn't think you meant you'd be this late!" Ah well - it was worth it. Thanks Anne and Helen, I had forgotten just how much I love spinning and how relaxing it is!

My wheel is a second hand Wee Peggy. I had one years ago and loved spinning on it, but then bought a Louet because I thought it would be better for production spinning (my business started because I produced hand spun naturally dyed embroidery silks for 17th century re enactors). In a fit of madness I sold my wheel to Montacute House for their in house spinning demonstrations and have regretted it ever since. When I had the chance to buy a replacement a couple of months ago I leapt at it, but this has been the first real opportunity I have had to play with it! Think there will be no stopping me again now though, it is just such a stress buster!

(I would at this point upload a photo, however this poxy computer is playing the "I don't want to do what you want to do" game at the moment and keeps telling me there is a fatal error everytime I go to the photos file - so I'll leave that bit til tomorrow! See how calm I am after spinning?!)

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