Saturday, 20 June 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Ages since I've had time to write anything - well not be too tired at the end of the day, to be honest! Obviously the biggest issue has been getting things ready for Woolfest, which I sadly will not be attending - but John will, so don't think The Mulberry Dyer isn't turning up! Our stall number is A6-7.

Everything seems to happen at once round here, Nick has his graduation on Thursday (which is setting up day) - he has a 2:1 in Medieval History, well done Nick!- then on the Saturday and Sunday we have a booking to demonstrate dyeing in the cathedral gardens at Peterborough, so it seemed logical that I go up to St Andrews and then down the A1 to Peterborough and John goes to Cumbria. I'm hoping that lots of people will go and talk to him and feed and water him regularly - it's very hard doing a big show like that all on your own - and he's demonstrating the extract dyes as well, I should say letting people have a play with them really!

I guess the other news I have is my day out last Thursday - I was asked to go and dye Christmas ribbons with Ruth Goodman for the Victorian Farm programme, there are going to be some Christmas Specials, so I'm going to be on the tele!!! I really don't like having cameras around me, hate the sound of my own voice and was VERY nervous beforehand, but the crew were lovely and made it all very easy, at one point John said there were 3 cameras all pointing at me - and I carried on talking! I just hope I said things right! One of the most exciting things about the day was talking about the advent of the chemical dyes - a subject I had to gen up on beforehand as I really know nothing about it - I was very honoured to have a sample of Mauvein, dyed by Mr Perkins himself, sent to me by the Society of Dyers and Colourists for use in the filming, I would just like to express my appreciation here for their support in letting us have this precious item (I did wonder if it would arrive handcuffed to the Curators arm, but no, it was all mine for the duration!) it was definitely the star feature, not me! I must confess that the colour is really quite stunning, it's obvious why it caused such a sensation when you see it "in the flesh"

There is a distinct lack of photos with this post - John has a new camera, really super duper, stuff (way beyond my ken!) as yet we haven't worked out how to download the photos for me to use, so my apologies, I'll try and do better tomorrow!


Alettesiriane said...

It is so interesting reading your pieces!Thankyou for blogging!

Debbie said...

Hi Alette, Thank YOU for reading!

madewithloops said...

Love reading your blog and almost sad when you haven't written for a few days.
Well done to your son and tell Jon to be his usual charming self and he will have fan club looking after him at Woolfest.

See you soon, I hope
Heike x