Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Back to the dyehouse!

This time of year is always manic - so keeping up with the blog is going to be quite difficult, I will try and give regular updates - as much to keep my head above water as anything!

First point - I forgot my camera, how I managed to do so I don't know - but I got to St Andrews and had to go and buy a disposable, (when I finally get them developed in the old fashioned way I will see if any are suitable for showing off!) talk about feeling stupid!!!

The ceremony was very intriguing, the graduates walk to the middle of the stage, kneel in front of the Principal, are hit on the head with what is said to be a piece of John Knox's breeches made into a cap, have their cape flung over ther heads and then sedately walk the rest of the way across the stage to collect their certificates! They each did it in turn, no one tripped up or had any catastrophe and I was a very proud Mum! Then there was the garden party with everyone very well turned out and we had champagne and afternoon tea. The weather was fine, but not scorching (although I did wear my sunhat!) and it was all very social!

Peterborough through the Ages over the weekend was also very successful - the weather was not the usual for an event like this, (I packed away a very dry tent!) and when the Archbishop of Canterbury walked past my tent he smiled at me as though I was a friend! Lots of people came to see what we were doing and were genuinely interested in all the activities and periods. (still no camera though!)

Yesterday I had to take the Mauvein back to Bradford, I was attending a meeting to discuss the future of the Colour Experience (was the Colour Museum) and how to spread the word about it's educational activities. They cover national curriculum key stages and teach colour and colour perception. The headquarters of the Society of Colourists and Dyers is in the same building and are the funding body. It was really good to meet people I have spoken to by email and on the phone and get to see the exhibits. I'm now trying to help promote them!!!
Here it is all safe and sound back in its cabinet - you wouldn't believe it had been out for a jolly to Wales and Shropshire would you?!
I have a work placement student with me this week, so am having to try and work in some sort of sensible manner, I'm not sure I'm succeeding as yet, she came to Bradford with me yesterday and has been preparing her own hank of wool for dyeing today! We have lots of cloth to be getting on with this week, so my bit was to start scouring 4m wool cloth ready to mordant tomorrow. The actual dyeing will probably be over the weekend, but we might get some done, before she goes on Friday!

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madewithloops said...

Sounds as if you had quite a week! Can I be your work-placement sometime?
See you soon Heike