Thursday, 5 August 2010

Alpaca Sock yarn

Today has been quite efficient - well for me! I mastered getting my flickr account linked to my Ravelry profile, which seemed quite a challenge at the time, but ended up being quite simple (one day I guess it will all seem less frightening!)

I also managed to get some alpaca sock yarn hanked up ready for the Knit Camp next week - still lots to do, but I thought I'd let you have a preview of the colours now!
The names of the yarns will as usual be the dyes that have coloured them and I can assure you that any that include indigo will have no rub off, I offer an immediate exchange if there is any problem with yarns that have been dyed with indigo and leave blue on your hands when knitting (or crocheting or..) and of course if you want to pre-order............!
I have an exclusive pattern for this yarn designed by Cecilia Hewett who is a member of the Woolclip and also one of the organisers of Woolfest, the pattern is fab and I'm told it's quite simple to do (no I haven't tried it yet, I have a thing about knitting!)

What I can tell you is that it is lovely to crochet with - I have dseigned a cover for my iPhone, very simple, but works a treat! The back has a pouch to hold the cable or earphones and the phone fits snugly inside! The yarn is so soft and non scratchy it even cleans the face of the phone getting it in and out!


Helen said...

Hi Debbie the yarns look lovely. I like the crocheted phone cover

Josh Healy said...

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