Thursday, 26 August 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We got back home at 9.30 on Tuesday morning - we set off at 9am on Monday morning from Lanark in Scotland.

The day was very loooooooooooong! We included a trip to New Lanark Mill to buy some wool (which I will be dyeing in the near future!) The place is fascinating and they had mules for spinning the wool, they even knew what the difference was with Asa Lees's mule (something important to me as my Grandfather used to lecture on the subject of Asa Lees's Mule!!!) Then a stop to see my sons' near Haydock Park, then called on John's Dad who's just back from hospital, then down to the port. The ferry was at 5am so we had to check in at 4am then sit on the ferry and hve a snooze, add an hour for the fact we are now in France drive for 1 and a half hours and here we are at home!!! It has taken me 2 days to catch up on my sleep and clean up the house a bit - as we are away so much over the summer it is impossible to keep on top of everything! (That's my usual excuse!!)

You didn't really need to know all that - but I will write a proper post later, I have lots of things to tell!

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Helen said...

Welcome Home Debbie. I hope you enjoy it