Friday, 8 October 2010

October already?

We went to the UK at the end of September and it very quickly became not just October, but into the month - where does time go? I can't keep up! At least we are now here until the 5th November!!! So much to do though, you wouldn't believe the number of walnuts we have - before we went away I had a big box full and gave some away to a neighbour, I have already filled the wheelbarrow since we got home and there are as many again still on the ground! We missed lots of the husks - well they have gone brown already and I wanted to try out the green husks. Have to see what I can still rescue!

So what's news? We did some filming for a new BBC programme last week, can't say much about it at the moment - but I was very ill (have the photos to prove it!) my compliments to the make up artists!

On the 5th October we were working at the Clothmakers Hall in London - running a workshop for the students who were finalists in the SDC/Clariant International Design Competition and CSI Colour Award 2010. They came from all parts of the globe - South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Ireland even the UK! All were incredibly talented and it was a priviledge to teach them something new! I am hoping that they are going away inspired to work with natural dyes in their future careers, I know 2 at least were keen!
I have had no contact at all from Tinsel - the Autumn giveaway winner, we are thinking that if there has been no contact by the 15th of this month I will draw again - the wool is sitting on my table neatly wrapped and waiting to be posted out, it's crying out for a new home!!!

On the subject of new I have a fabulous new yarn, can't wait to show it to you - so watch this space!


tinsel said...
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tinsel said...

Hello from Tinsel here ! I have been away for 3 months!August giveaway jippi!