Monday, 25 October 2010

Mulberry Lodge

When we were looking for a house in the UK we realized that having enough outbuildings could be an issue. So one January sale time we saw a sort of 2 story log cabin special offer and bought it thinking it could become an emergency dyehouse!

In January we started chopping down the pine trees in the courtyard, they were HUGE,  frighteningly so, it was safest to remove them before there was a serious problem! It didn't take long to realize there was a perfect space for the log cabin - and it could have a special use of its own - for running workshops here!

So a few weeks ago with the aid of a friend John started building the cabin! It fills in a gap between the end of the house and the dyehouse, with space by the side to park the van, keeping the courtyard nice and tidy! (Wonder how long that will last?!) I even think I might put nice planters all round and grow some dye plants!

So here it is -  Mulberry Lodge -  all finished and awaiting water (hence the ditch), electricity is already installed and I have started moving in!

The plan is to run 2 workshops a year - one in May and one in October. What do you think? Will you come? We also hope to be able to get guest artists to come and run woerkshops for us too - but that takes time to sort out!


The Sempster said...

That sounds fantastic, and the lodge looks lovely :-) Is there anywhere to stay when coming over for a workshop?
I like the idea of the planters

Willington Weaver said...

Oh, Deb, you are so lucky and it's beautiful! I'd come!

FeltersJourney said...

Love the lodge Deb! A seriously nice place to run your workshops & for guest artists too

Dorothy said...

That's a posh log cabin! It looks really super, plenty of windows for good daylight inside, and it's a good size.

Debbie said...

Fab cabin, Deb! I don't think you'll have any difficulty getting visitors!

Helen said...

Wow! Debbie what a fantastic place.

Yes I will come and planters around are a good idea but make them big so they don't need to be watered every day.

Karen said...

I will come. I'm enjoying taking workshops in Europe & England. Accommodation close / convenient would be excellent.

madewithloops said...

Great idea..fab venue and location easy to get to. I'll come and do a workshop for you..if you want me

Lorena said...

that is one adorable lodge. Wish I was closer