Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ter Apel

 We are finally  home and unpacked after a really lovely weekend in the Groningen district of Holland.We were working in the grounds of the beautiful Klooster at Ter Apel . A lovely event with a relaxed atmosphere - but actually incredibly busy and popular!

The stall was out of course but also our dyeing demo which received much interest from visitors and reneactors. The water gave some lovely colours to our onion skins and madder, the woad we take along each time but was a good deep blue! Everyone is fascinated by the magic and all react well to "essence of John"" even when it's a different language being spoken.

The whole event was well devised and presented, there was a theme for everyone to work to - this year it was around health and health care - the standard of kit and demonstrations was as high as I have seen anywhere, really top class. The event has a team of volunteers who are looked after and fed (as we were!) by a team of cooks, breakfast, lunch and dinner for over a hundred all prepared over an open fire

Bedankt Hessel Westerbeek and Koen En Henny Meijer for inviting us along - we hope you'll invite us back next year!.

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