Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I really enjoy running workshops, I never thought I would, but it is so inspiring to see the emerging colours and delight on the faces of the attendees.

 Last Saturday I was with the Bedfordshire Guild of WSD, a lovely bunch of ladies who were enthusiastic from the minute they walked through the hall door!

It was not a quiet workshop, with deep concentration taking over - there were plenty of questions and discussion about what was going on! In the morning we covered the history of dyes working with plant stuff and even including an historical experiment - which gave a very distinct result! I'm not telling you what - you'll have to book on a workshop to find out!

In the afternoon we worked with the modern extract dyes, giving much more scope for design and artistry.  It always intrugues me how differently people work with the same products - all had exactly the same colours to play with - yet no two items were the same!

Everyone went home with something practical to use and a range of samples, lots of ideas in their heads and hopefully the wish to continue working with natural dyes! Thank you for inviting me round to play!

If anyone is interested in booking us for a workshop feel free to email for more details.

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