Sunday 17 July 2011

Le Lot et La Laine

Last weekend we travelled south to the beautiful countriside of the Lot.  We were attending the new fibrey event of Le Lot et la Laine. We arrived on Friday afternoon ready to start putting up the tent and awning - it was soooooo hot, took far longer than we even imagined to get them up due to the number of breaks we had to take to drink more water!!!! However we managed and were ready on Saturday morning and raring to go!

The really interesting part for me was running some dyeing workshops - in French! I had 3 two hour workshops, 1 on Saturday afternoon and 2 on Sunday. I would like to thank all the students for being so patient with me - getting all the basics of natural dyes across in 2 hours is quite a feat, to do it in french and it be understood is amazing! Merci a tous!
It always intrigues me the artistic talent that you get on this type of course. All students get the same facilities and information and everyone produces something totally individual!

The location for the event was the Musée de Cuzals just outside a beautiful village called Sauliac sur Célé. The valley is stunning - full of high crags and caves with the houses built into the cliffs along the way. (guess what I forgot to take some photos!)

Having driven so far we gave ourselves a couple of days to see a bit of the area so didn't get back to the north until Wednesday. Now it's back to reality and getting ready for the next events!