Monday 21 November 2011

The Original Reenactors Market

We are just back and surfacing from TORM. I love going to this market - it's the first "big" market I ever did and it goes from strength to strength!

When I became a re enactor I quickly realized that this could turn out to be an expensive hobby (it doesn't HAVE to, but...) As the boys were young when we started I had to give myself something to do in a Living History situation, so I decided to become a 17th century embroideress. I learnt to spin and dye the threads I needed and was soon being asked where I got my embroidery silks, when I said I was making them myself I was asked if I would sell some. - Aha! Maybe this was a way of funding the hobby a little? I started trading at Sealed Knot events, made friends with many of the traders and was asked if I was going to be at TORM. "What's that?" I asked. "A market run by Anne Laverick" I was told.

I found the lady in question and after a very thorough interrogation about whether I could maintain a supply of goods, what else I could do and whether I intended to keep going, I was told I could have a corner in the Sports Hall at Blackbird Leys and she'd give me a go!

The market has been running now for 21 years, growing into and out of venues over the years, but seems settled at the Sports Connexion in Ryton on Dunsmore. For me it starts the "season" every year in March (the next one is the 16th, 17th and 18th March 2012), it used to end the season too, but that just seems to get extended nearer and nearer to Christmas!

It is well worth a visit if you ever get the chance - real artisans producing furniture, pottery, jewellery, clothing (from whatever period of history you fancy), arms and armour........etc, etc. 

I am indebted to Anne for giving me that chance and for all the work that she puts into the organising, advertising and promoting of the market.
So I'd just like to end with - Thanks Anne!