Monday 5 March 2012

Giving to charity

So when we do Wonderwool this year we HAVE to charge for paper bags/ poly bags etc. The suggestion is 5p per bag. There may be "bag police" attending the event to make sure that we do not contravene the law in Wales!!

Sooo, we have decided that we will donate the 5p that we have to charge to charity, plus if someone says they don't want the pennies and 5pences change (which happens as you're going along). This will all go into a charity box on the stall.

At the end of the year we are going to count up and then we will match what is in the box and donate........but TO WHOM?

There are so many deserving charities these days, we chose the Pink Ribbon Foundation a couple of years ago, cancer is such an issue, but who else, Medcins sans Frontiers? Who do YOU recommend? If you know of someone or something that would appreciate a donation (it won't be massive, but still worthwhile!) then please put your recommendations forward. We'll put the names into a hat and pick one out just before we go to TORM on the 15th March!