Sunday 29 December 2013

Crochet scarf

Many years ago I crocheted a scarf out of our naturally dyed linen. I wanted to show how lovely it is when worked, well I want to do the same for all our yarns but I'm not a designer, it therefore takes ages for me to produce items. I crochet cos I can do that without thinking but I rarely write anything down - I don't know how!! Certainly don't know how to make it a legible pattern! Many people have asked for a pattern but I just tell them what I did and let them go and play...

The scarf has always been on display with the linens at all the events we go to however the last time it was seen is Yarndale last September - we have not seen it since and don't appear to have put it in a strange place, I've looked everywhere!

So my Christmas project is to re do said scarf! The colour will obviously be different and I guess the pattern will differ as I have no reference to go back to, but I am going to write it all down! I think a chart may be the way forward so I'll get to work in excel!!

Here's the scarf so far-