Thursday 9 August 2012

Harvesting Weld

In the UK weld is considered a weed that needs to be got rid of as quickly as possible - well so it seems whenever I find a stand of it flourishing.

A few weeks ago I spotted the most enormous stand of weld - but not ready to pick, so I patiently waited a few weeks and then went back, oh no, virtually all gone! I couldn't believe it, almost all of it had been strimmed away by the local council. Fortunately they didn't bother to go round the edges very well so we have manged to crop some for the coming year.

An hour spent going round the area yielded

This was tied up in bundles like this

These were tied onto a "sheila maid" under the dye house canopy

Then lifted up to spend a few weeks drying before we chop it up ready for use!


Freyalyn said...

There's some weld growing on a small cycle track in our local wood. I got a small amount last year, and was planning more this year as lots more had self-seeded. A few weeks ago all the bumps were enlarged and the new packed soil covered nearly all the weld - arrgh!! I just hope it all comes back next year...

Helen said...

I am impresssed with your drying arrangements looks really good. I too found some weld in a local carpark -went back and it had all be crushed down by cars and was spoilt.