Thursday, 15 April 2010


I am not a gardener - I usually kill things off, so steer clear of anything that requires looking after, however having bought this property I feel I have a duty to keep it looking nice!

You may have noticed in the photo yesterday that the Hydrangeas needed dead heading - I don't know the first thing about looking after them, but looking through the gardening books I have here (I used to love Geoff Hamilton and have several of his books) and searching on the internet, it would seem that you have to wait for the first buds to appear and then cut the old heads off at the first bud. Of course I'm a little late, but boy do they look better!

When I bought a house years ago (when I was first married) I was advised that you shouldn't plant things in the first year, you should watch the garden through the seasons to see what is actually there. I am trying to do this, but of course leaving North Wales in January I had no idea whether there would be Snowdrops or Dafodils ..... so thought I should dig some up to bring with me!

I now know that I am in the right house - it was truly meant to be! There has been a beautiful carpet of Snowdrops throughout February and March, now into April there are Primroses and the lovely double headed Dafodils that are my absolute favorites.

Something I have always wanted in a garden is Lily of the Valley - I LOVE it and guess what - there are loads of tiny little buds coming up all round the front garden!

As for dye plants I've already said that the Walnut trees sold the property to me, but there are other things coming up that I recognise - a dyers garden wouldn't be the same without...................................................

What will come up next I wonder?


Florcita said...

Im not a gardener either but I've had to learn... well, I wanted to grow my own vegetables so, Im learning. Im now trying to include some dye plants.
What is that one on the second to last pic?? is it that weed that sort of sticks to everything (no names of course, i have no idea!) Is that a dye plant? Because I have loads of those!

Debbie said...

Hi Florcita, I know it as Lady's Bedsraw - it's related to Madder and the roots give reds, but not as strong a colour. There ae some differences in the dye chemicals contained in the roots. It's kind of a poor man's madder! You need to dig up the roots and dry them, but I'm no expert at using home grown dyes - this will be the first time for me!

Knitsister said...

Oh Debs it all looks to lovely and I just know that you will be so happy there. Shame I am going to miss you at Wonderwool but I think some of the girls are coming.
Hugs from Heike x