Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hanks are ready - not sure about me!

Well the hanks are ready to box, they are all labelled now! I still feel as though there is sooooo much to do - and we catch the ferry today!

Just to add to the event I am now working in Tamworth on Saturday - a Medieval Caligrapher will be my role there, so I will be driving off from the B & B in Builth Wells at about 6am leaving John to run the stall on his own again! At least I will be there on the Sunday to catch up with everyone!

A quick preview then:


madewithloops said...

OMG...they are so lovely and I am really gutted now that I am not able to come to see you at Wonderwool. If you have anything left to sell, and if you manage some time for coffee next week...I really MUST buy some then.
Good luck with everything and hipe to see you next week

florcita said...

Good luck to you! They all look beautiful!
Hope you sell a lot!