Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A lovely day!

Today has been a lovely day - in more ways than one!

The weather has been gorgeous - lunch was under the Walnut trees in the coutyard, I only needed a T shirt on for most of the afternoon (and my trousers of course!!!) But the big thing was I was working in my dyehouse!
John has done a temporary fix for water and drainage, so I was able to get out and make a start on getting some yarns ready for Wonderwool next week. I know this is very last minute, but we were working in Pontoise (near Paris) over the weekend at an historical market and I need to re - stock!!

Something I'm really excited about here is the walnut trees - I have always had to buy in walnut husks in the past and have never managed to achieve the really good colours I know you can get with them - so I can't wait to get
experimenting! They haven't even got leaves on yet and I'm planning what I want to do!

I wonder if you can dye with hydrangeas?

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Helen said...

It looks lovely. There is something very nice and relaxing about being able to eat outside. We have been too and have also been playing with setting up John's sundial. Working backwards we get it till the shadow tells us the right time!