Monday, 19 April 2010

Getting ready for Wonderwool

I can't believe how quickly all these events are coming up - we were supposed to move in January and have February to get the dyehouse ready for action and start getting stock ready. That all went wrong then!!

But we are getting better nad I am now starting to use the dyehouse. There is cold and hot water via hosepipes and the grass is benefitting from any waste water at the moment - but I am very careful about waste water - anyone that knows my methods knows that I try to never throw a dyebath away, or a mordant bath! It's one of the reasons that I stopped going through the assessment process for becoming Organically Certified, I had to make the choice between being an organic dyer and not putting anything other than organically certified yarn through my dyebaths; or an environmentally conscious one who re - used everything wherever possible and didn't waste water cleaning everything down to start organic dyeing, etc, etc.

The environment won out!

(Sadly I am now very sceptical abou the value of the term organic - other than the traceability of the product, but I do value it for that, hence my organic range of yarns which are of course dyed with the environment in mind!!!!!!)

Anyway I did not mean to get into a rant - this was just to show you that I really am dyeing again - so here's some pretty pictures! Many of these hanks are Organic Merino - aran or DK weight, there's also alpaca sock and linens. Next time you see them they will be in small hanks ready to be sold!


FeltersJourney said...

Looking lovely! Wish I was going to WWW, had to give it a mis though... never mind.
Used some of that silk cap I brought from you at TORM yesterday - it looks luuurvly & lush.
The new place looks fab!

Dorothy said...

Good to see your dyehouse and these gorgeous coloured skeins & I look forward to seeing you at Wonderwool!

Margreet said...

This looks good! Coloured yarns in your dyehouse. You must be pleased :-)

Helen said...

Hi Debbie what a lot of lovely space! good to see you dyeing and such fabulous colour too. see you at Wonderwool.

florcita said...

Lovely pictures! Look at all those skeins hanging to dry. Beautiful.
I don't understand the organic thing either... seems to be acting against nature to waste so much water. Good for you.